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“For all and against all…”: Arturo Vidal forgot about the lack of discipline and went for the Club World Cup

Arturo Vidal on Instagram

The national midfielder will be a substitute in Mengão’s match this afternoon, starting at 4:00 pm, against Al-Hilal.

It hasn’t been an easy day for Arturo Vidal at Flamengo. Perhaps, after all, this is the most difficult moment he has gone through since his arrival in Rio de Janeiro, after starring in a “tantrum” for not adding minutes and, in addition, “offering his self” in Colo Colo in a live.

Amidst questions from fans, analysts and even the club itself, which fined him and considered marginalizing him as revealed by the Brazilian press, the “King” will now look to change his fortunes at the Club World Cup .

This Tuesday, Mengão will make his debut in the important competition, when they face Ramón Díaz’s Al-Hilal. And true to his style, without caring what others had to say, Vidal began to warm up:

“Finally the day has come, damn it,” he wrote on his social networks.

“Come Flamenco. More united than ever. For all and against all”, King Arthur completed his message, hoping to hide his bad behavior and now respond where he likes the most: on the pitch.

Check out his tweet here:

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