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Muay Thai record: 3,660 fighters gather in Thailand

The ceremony Wai Khru It is the traditional greeting before each fight in Muay Thai and never before have so many fighters gathered. The previous record, the Guinness record judge said, was 250… and this time there have been 3,660. It may surprise us, but not them. This has been confirmed to us Antenna 3 Sports carlos sanchezdirector of Bang Rajan Events: “Muay Thai is more than football here. In Thailand it’s like a religion. Children learn Muay Thai at school.”

“Muay Thai is more than football here”

Thousands of Army cadets, university students and volunteers trained for months to get the choreography perfect. Muay Thai is known as the art of eight limbs: it combines legs, knees, elbows, and fists. Carlos comments that his teacher tells him that there are nine: “The heart counts a lot”.

The art of eight limbs

With this ceremony they show respect to teachers, parents and ancestors. The massive act took place during a festival of Thai martial arts in the park Rajabhakti in Huahimin the province of Prachuap Khiri Khan. the fighter Anna Kormosova feels proud: “It’s amazing to come from the Czech Republic to be part of this Guinness record”

“Muay Thai is a way of life and livelihood”

carlos sanchez

The wrestlers wear the traditional costume and surround their heads with the ‘Mogkol’, a white rope that according to Carlos comments is like “the bandage of the soul”; with it all the components of a school are represented.

The tourists who were there could appreciate the perfection and the perfect coordination of the movements of these boxers. For us Muay Thai is a sport, but there in thailandsays Carlos, “it is a way of life and livelihood.”

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