In the past few days, the traffic club ÖAMTC has received an increasing number of inquiries, especially from Croatia and Slovenia, about an alleged change in the regulations for the transport of skis in or on the car. “These inquiries are based on a false report in which it is claimed that skis, snowboards and other sports equipment should no longer be carried in cars in Austria,” she says ÖAMTC lawyer Verena Pronebner.

higher penalty

It is correct: “In Austria there are still no special regulations for the transport of skis and similar sports equipment. However, there is a general obligation for drivers to secure the load – whatever it is – in or on the car The only new thing is that the possible maximum fine for missing or inadequate load securing has been increased from the previous 5,000 to up to 10,000 euros. But that doesn’t just apply to winter sports equipment, but to everything that can be transported in the car.”

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