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“They are asking for blood…”: Premier League B clubs want Manchester City after accusation of financial irregularities

“If these charges against Manchester City are proven there should be appropriate punishment, and the only one is that they are dropped,” said the boss of one of the clubs.

A serious problem is haunting Manchester City this time, after it was confirmed that the Premier League itself has denounced the skyblue team for “a decade of abuse”. Yes, that’s it: for allegedly breaking FFP (Financial Fair Play) rules on at least 115 occasions!

And the worst is the one that follows the complaint, because, according to the local media, there are some institutions of the “best” league in the world who want the worst punishment for citizens. “Clubs in the Premier League are asking for blood and a quick verdict. And a punishment before the end of the season”, reported, for example, The Day.

In fact, in Martin Lipton’s article, it is indicated that the president of one of the teams pointed out that if these allegations are proven, “there must be an appropriate punishment, and the only thing that should be done is to relegate them. We are talking about a decade of alleged abuse and we want the Premier League to do the right thing.” Meaning they want City in B (Championship).

In particular, remember, the Premier accuses the top management of citizens of not providing “real information” about the regulations required by UEFA on Financial Fair Play, as well as themselves in terms of benefits and sustainability.

Some of the complaints are, for example, “hiding the true source of the club’s financing, declaring only part of the salaries of players and coaches and deliberately obstructing the investigation that was opened in December 2018,” according to the report. Brand .

What are they saying from the Etihad Stadium? “Manchester City FC is surprised by the publication of the alleged breaches of Premier League Rules, particularly given the extensive engagement and wealth of detailed materials provided to the EPL.”

“The club welcomes the review of this matter by an independent Commission to impartially consider the full body of incontrovertible evidence that exists in support of its position. As such, we hope that this matter will stop once and for all.”

The novel is just beginning…

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