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VIDEO | Soccer player Sofian Kiyine’s brutal car accident at 200km/h

Soccer player Sofian Kiyine’s car accident was captured on video by a security camera. The incident occurred last Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the Belgian town of Flèmalle.

The vehicle was traveling at about 200 kilometers per hour on a highway where the limit was 90. At the end of the stage, Kiyine collides with the roundabout and shoots out, crossing the wall of the sports center at a height of 5 meters. After the impact, the player was taken to the hospital, fortunately his life is not in danger, although he suffered multiple fractures.

“I saw something go through the wall”

The basketball coach of the sports center, Loic Gachertz, witnessed the catastrophe caused by the accident: “I saw something go through the wall and only when it hit the post did I realize it was a car.” The basketball court was destroyed after the car landed in the center of the track. Baskets, benches, walls… were reduced to rubble, thus leaving horrifying images.

“Usually the players and I we sat on the bench that was hitGachertz said when warning that the accident could have had multiple victims.

“It was a matter of seconds that I didn’t hit some players”

At the time of the event, inside the sports center some girls were training. “Some players had just put their balls on the rack, right in the place where the car fell. It was a matter of seconds”, this is how the coach of the sports center narrated it. Luckily, they had left the pavilion to go to the locker room seconds before the car landed in the middle of the field.

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