As part of the initiative “Your Ideas. Your Games”, a total of 1,700 stakeholders in five possible candidate cities: Leipzig, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Düsseldorf (from North Rhine-Westphalia) expressed their expectations and criticism.

“This was the first step in a long journey of dialogue with the population,” said Stefan Brause, head of the Olympic bid department at DOSB, the German press agency. “We got a very good impression of what people expect from the application.”

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Brause was pleasantly surprised by how intense and controversial the discussion was: “I found it positive how optimistic the topic of ’36’ was discussed.” our country”. A possible Olympic bid could be made at the 2036 Summer Games, 100 years after the Nazi games in Berlin.

In addition to feedback from approximately 1,700 people (DOSB expected 500 interested people per city), Brause said five million people also commented on the games through the community. “Five million in digital conversation is, of course, only six or seven percent of the population. But it’s also five million more than at the same time in previous attempts,” Brause said.

The results will now be summarized in the so-called “Frankfurt Declaration” and presented at the DOSB general meeting on December 2 in Frankfurt am Main. Brause expects positive feedback from members, so “delegates will instruct the DOSB to develop a concept for the application.” If the vote is positive, the concept will have to be developed by the end of 2024. Only after this DOSB will want to decide on the candidate and what games it is intended for.
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