Slovenia beat Kazakhstan 2-1 (1-0), while the Italians were content with a 0-0 draw against Ukraine. The English, who had already qualified in advance, also came thanks to the Bayern strikers. Harry Kane minimum 1:1 (0:1) in North Macedonia.

The Czechs celebrated a well-deserved victory. The goals for the home team, which would have been enough for a draw, were scored by David Dudera (14th minute), Tomas Hory (72nd minute) and Tomas Soucek (90th minute).

The Three Lions in North Macedonia are having a hard time.

Slovenia took the lead thanks to RB Leipzig striker Benjamin Sesko (20th from the penalty spot). Ramazan Orasov (ranked 48th) then equalized in Ljubljana. In the 86th minute, Benjamin Verbic scored the winning goal for the Slovenes.

Substitute Kane at least played his part in leveling the score for the weak Three Lions. About 30 seconds after he took the ball, the Munich striker almost missed a cross, but then the ball bounced off his opponent Yani Atasanov (59th) into his own goal. Enis Bardi (41st) had given the hosts the lead earlier.
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