“Although we are happy now, we decided before the game that we will not continue,” the 62-year-old said on Czech television on behalf of the coaching team. The pressure was “enormous” and also contributed to the decision.

Direct starting place guaranteed

A 3-0 home win over the Republic of Moldova allowed the Czech Republic to take second place in qualifying group E and thus gain a direct right to start at the EURO. Silhawi led the team to the quarter-finals at the last European Championships in 2021, but was recently criticized for a weaker performance in qualifying.

Silhawi has been the coach of the team with the Bohemian lion on its shirt since 2018, and his contract with the association expires at the end of the month. Before the final of the group match with Moldova, the coach excluded players Jakub Brabec, Jan Kuchta and Vladimir Zufal from the squad because they visited a nightclub over the weekend in violation of internal rules.
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