Schröder coached the Turbine Potsdam women’s team for several decades. He worked with Eta from 2008 to 2011. Together they won three German league titles and the Champions League once. Eta’s rapid growth does not surprise residents of Northern Germany.

“Even then, she was a typical girl who knew from the very beginning what direction she would go in. She was ready to take on everything and was very ambitious. It was always seen in her genes that she had real potential,” Schroeder said. .

Schröder also believes that his former player can take the position of head coach, but recommends that she still “play with a man.” After all, women in football are often ridiculed. There is less pressure on the male side. “It’s incredibly difficult to compete on your own, and as a woman you have to be incredibly strong in soccer,” Schroeder said.
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