Brüggemann and Eta know each other very well from their time together in Bremen. Brüggemann has been head of Werder women’s football since 2007. From 2014 to 2018, Eta played at the Weser, and after an active career, she coached the U13 and U14 junior teams there.

The fact that the 32-year-old became the first female assistant coach in Bundesliga history five years later does not surprise her long-time partner Bruggemann. “She has always been confident, determined and wanted to get to that high level of football. She also had requests from women’s football, but she very deliberately chose this shark tank for men’s football. She really likes this shark tank.” she said. 52 years old.

Brüggemann regards Eta, who has led Unioner’s training alongside interim coach Marco Grothe since Urs Fischer’s release, as a role model for other women. “She opens the door for a lot of female coaches in the Bundesliga,” said Brueggemann, who also believes Eta could take on the role of head coach in the Bundesliga in the future.

“At the moment this step may come a little earlier. Let’s paint a picture, she’s the head coach. If things don’t go her way, she will drop even lower than the men’s belts and will be laid off immediately.” her gender Her current role as an assistant coach is ideal for her growth in the business. The main responsibility lies with Marco Grote,” said Brüggemann.
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