“At the moment I assume that we will also attend the game against Braga,” Grothe said after the duo’s 1-1 (0-1) draw in the duo’s first game against Augsburg. In the Champions League match at Braga (21: 00/DAZN) on Wednesday, a preliminary decision is likely to be made on whether Union will qualify for the Europa League third in the group next year.

“It’s about taking it with you.”

“It’s about getting what comes out of it at the end. But it’s also very much about the content. That’s what will be important over the next few weeks,” Grote said of the latest draw with FCA. The Berliners equalized thanks to Kevin Volland.

Before the game, union president Dirk Zingler was looking for a coach at Sky after parting ways with his regular coach. Fisherman said: “Everyone who comes to Alte Försterei knows what awaits them here. At the end of the day, it must be a real coach who has a clear path. Then we will get together.” According to Bild newspaper, former world-class footballer Raul and ex-Bundesliga coaches Alfred Schröder and Oliver Glasner are being considered as candidates.
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