“This is part of the funniest scenes of the year and the most exciting moments,” he said on Sky TV after Friday night’s 2-2 (0-2) draw at the 110th Hamburg City Championship. “The way we came back is even more remarkable. I’m very proud of my team.”

HSV double blow after the break

A double strike after the break from Robert Glatzel (58th) and Immanuel Ferai (60th) saved the former Bundesliga giants from failing to win promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga. At least the league leaders from the county managed to catch up.

However, HSV should be wary of losing second place in the table after the 15th round. In the standings, unbeaten St. Pauli (31 points) still have three points more than their hometown rivals.

“The way we came back with two goals – hats off!” said HSV sporting director Jonas Boldt, highlighting what was important to him that evening. The score is more than deserved. “It’s not like Pauli had any chances to score in the second half.”

Curious own goal

The strangest own goal in the history of the Hamburg derby was scored in the 27th minute. At the time, St. Pauli was leading 1-0 thanks to a goal from Jackson Irwin (15th). The visitors converted a short goal kick thanks to Stefan Ambrosius and Guilherme Ramos. After Ramos passed the ball to Hoyer Fernandes, the ball bounced straight out of the goal.

“Of course it sucks, we don’t need a moment like this. But that’s football,” Hoyer Fernandez said of his first own goal in his 180th second-division game. “It’s a very unfortunate moment, but the team’s reaction showed everyone that we won’t let something like this get us down.”

At half-time it didn’t look like HSV would achieve a draw. St. Pauli looked too dominant, more mature and had a better game. Overt offensive actions themselves were rare. “It’s very disappointing that the draw ended only after 90 very dominant minutes,” said Pauli coach Fabian Hürzeler.

HSV disappointed in the first half and look set to continue their disappointing away performances this season at the Millerntor Stadium, just seven kilometers from the Volkspark.

After the break, conditions became more difficult due to snowfall. The visitors coped better with the slippery surface and leveled the score with a double strike from Glatzel and Ferai. The game has become more open. In the end, the draw was fair.
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