The scandal-plagued US representative George Santos is kicked out of the House of Representatives. In a historic vote on Friday, the required majority of the House chamber voted to expel the Republican. It is the first time in recent history that a representative who has not previously been convicted of a crime has been expelled from the House of Representatives. A member has only been expelled from the chamber six times.

Bitter on the finish

“To hell with this place,” the 35-year-old said to reporters outside the Capitol after the decision. He had been asked whether he would remain in the chamber as a non-member with special rights. This is possible because he has not yet been convicted by any court. “Why would I want to stay here?” he replied. However, the House of Representatives created a “dangerous precedent” with its actions.

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Santos has been a member of a New York district in the US House of Representatives for over a year and presents himself as a supporter of former US President Donald Trump. His rise to the federal political stage was overshadowed from the start by allegations of fraud and deception.

Research has shown that Santos invented a large part of his resume with which he presented himself to voters in 2022. In it, he posed as a successful businessman on Wall Street, as an animal rights activist or as the son of Brazilian immigrants who fled the Holocaust. The New York Times took a close look at his resume and came to the conclusion: university degree, career at major banks, family background – all made up.

Santos admitted to “glossing over” his resume, but insisted he was not a liar or a fraud. Santos’ story is so important to the United States because the details are so crazy. So he made up all sorts of bizarre details that have been disproved – such as the fact that he was a volleyball star during his time at university – which he never attended. He claims to have lost four employees in the attack on the Pulse nightclub in the US state of Florida with 49 deaths. He said about his mother that she experienced the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 in the World Trade Center. Friday’s vote in the House of Representatives was the third time Santos’ expulsion has been voted on. Twice before, MPs voted against expulsion. The ethics committee’s investigation report may have persuaded some of his supporters to no longer support him. The vehemence with which he repeatedly presented himself as an innocent man may also have played a role.

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