Captain Alexandra Popp (14th minute), Marina Hegering (26th place) and Clara Bühl (90th place + 3) scored in front of 19,180 fans at the sold-out Ostseestadion.

Already during the break, loud applause was heard from the stands. In the 45th minute the score became 2-0 to the strong home side and it was exactly the result the Germans were hoping for. The German team was hardworking, combined well at times and struggled to find many solutions in their offensive play. In the end with success.

The DFB team can clear things up in Wales

After the score 0:2 in the first match, direct comparison with the Danes now goes to the German team. While the DFB team competes in Wales and can clear things up with a win, the Danes host Iceland at the same time. The DFB team has become the first to qualify for the final four-team Nations League tournament at the end of February, where two European Olympic places will be up for grabs.

In the match against Denmark, the absence of Wolfsburg’s defensive midfielder Lena Oberdorf and Bayern forward Lea Schuller (both forced to withdraw due to injury) was barely noticeable. In any case I had Hrubesch Six players were called into the starting line-up from the recent 2-0 win in Iceland, including captain Popp and Chelsea’s Sjoke Nysken. While the recovered Popp immediately showed off her heading power from left-back Sarai Linder’s cross, Nysken continued to distribute balls with skill from central midfield.

The Germans often tried to use the flanks, where Linder and right back Julia Gwynne worked her way forward diligently. But the result 2:0 came from a corner kick. Clara Buhl swung the ball towards the goal and found the perfect receiver in Hegering. The fact that 33-year-old Hegering was shown a yellow card shortly afterwards was a nuisance – she is now out for Wales.

Danish women are harmless

Overall there was little from the Danes, despite the many drum beats provided by Fanklubben Blok G. The best chances remained with Sanne Troelsgaard and Amalia Vangsgaard, who scored twice in the first match, Merle Froms, who again guarded the German goal after a concussion, saved a double.

Even after the break, the DFB team, in which Leverkusen’s Elise Zens made her debut, remained more tenacious. Lohmann fired powerfully at goal but missed 3-0, as did Popp, who missed the post. So it remained unnecessarily exciting, even though the guests seemed quite harmless. Coach Andre Jeglerz’s team has not received compensation for the absence of Bayern director Pernille Harder.

Meanwhile, the German fans sent one Laola after another around the stadium. The atmosphere suited the game in which many other things suited Hrubes’ team. Bühl set up the perfect final point in stoppage time.
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