It is a delicate situation for Magna in Graz and for the car manufacturer Fisker. He repeatedly had to revise the production figures downwards.

In February of this year, Henrik Fisker sounded completely different. He was convinced that his new electric car Ocean, which was developed with Magna in Graz and produced in the Graz factory, would be produced in large numbers. “It’s a slow start to production, but it was planned that way. There should be around 42,000 units in 2023, and as a result we have registered a volume of 50,000 cars per year,” he explained in an interview with the Kleine Zeitung in February.

Dismal numbers

Now, at the beginning of December, things are not only looking bleak for the production figures. “Fisker made the strategic decision to reduce production in December to prioritize liquidity and free up over $300 million in working capital,” the company told Reuters. This is also interesting because he recently even presented new models that he wants to produce.

Software problems and punters

The problems at Fisker are well known. For example, the vehicle’s software does not work as expected, and initial tests in specialist magazines were disastrous. Technology and updates are a long time coming, but the cars should be delivered with working software. In the interview, Fisker spoke of more than 63,000 reservations for the Ocean, around 25 percent from Europe, the rest from the USA.

That’s not the only front Fisker has to face: He’s also in the sights of stock market speculators. He famously landed a gut punch on his first car project. Asked about the punters in February this year, Fisker said: “Headlines saying we have problems have been changed. There was no evidence.”

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