“Yesterday I was in the maternity ward and became the father of a healthy daughter,” the 35-year-old said after Schalke 04’s 4-0 win over Osnabrück. “Now I am the father of three children. These emotions give me an incredible amount of energy.”

Almost missed the chance to come back

Coach Karel Geraerts made it clear earlier in the week that he wanted to let Terodde play from the start after his worst performance with 90 minutes on the bench in the 3-5 draw in Dusseldorf. “I know how you feel when you become a father,” said the Belgian, who has five children: “Then you are floating on the clouds.” After Terodde was unable to attend training two days before the duel in the basement, he asked him to “at least get some sleep” just in case.

As a result, Terodde returned to the starting lineup for the first time since Herert’s debut on October 22. If little Tilda had been born a day later, he would have missed his chance to return. “Compliments to my wife and daughter,” he said with a laugh: “It was a race against time. But I said: calm down. And everything turned out well.”

Emotional charge at the right time

The outburst of emotion came at the right time for Schalke as a whole, as the relegated Bundesliga team’s mood was finally on the brink of disaster ahead of the game against the bottom-of-the-table side. “It was a difficult game because there were a lot of negative emotions around the team throughout the week,” the coach said. Terodde noticed less tension: “I had important things to do.” But he also realized: “The pressure was enormous. Because it’s about the big picture. We are not eighth, seventh or sixth, we are heading for relegation.”

Osnabrück are now nine points clear, two more than VfL have won in 15 games. And if Terodde finds his nose to goal again, Schalke’s path could soon be out of the cellar. And then many will think about the special motivation that the birth of Tilda Terodde gave.
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