What’s this weekend Franziska Preuss among women and Roman Rees For the men, wearing the yellow jersey and leading the overall World Cup standings shows that “they have done a lot right and things are going very well,” Dahlmeier told the German press agency in Östersund: “However, I would said you should now: “Don’t lose heart, just stay calm. This is just the beginning of a long season, a lot can happen.”

It is important for the team to “take everything positive with us, but we need to continue to work constantly and calmly,” said the seven-time world champion: “Then it will definitely be possible to wear such a jersey all season.” But achieving this will certainly be difficult given the stiff competition. “You have to live in the moment and just enjoy it. Then you have to tell yourself: I will try to give my best in the next race,” said Dahlmeier, who was previously the last German at the top of the overall standings. She won the big crystal ball in 2017 and retired two years later.

Dahlmeier himself remembered what it was like to put on the jersey for the first time. “It’s a great feeling. People talk to you on the track and everyone congratulates you. Of course the shirt stands out,” said the 30-year-old, who is in Sweden as a TV pundit for ZDF.

Preuss, who was tied for first place with Norway’s Caroline Offigstad Notten before Sunday’s pursuit, is now the target of the hunt. At the next World Championships in Hochfilzen, next week at the latest, they will “start from scratch again. Then others will also try to attack and get ahead,” Dahlmeier said.
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