Whether we like traditional media or not: a post on social media – reaches tens of thousands of people and sometimes even an audience of millions. Media portals are still the main source of news, but influencers are opinion leaders on the Internet and social networks. Likewise, role models for younger generations. And if you’re successful, your wallet will ring. The basis for the windfall are hard numbers: subscriptions, likes, dislikes and views of the individual clips, photos and stories. In total, they quickly reach the million mark.

Video – A guest in the kitchen office

YouTube is no longer the only platform that counts in today’s highly professionalized influencer industry. Business ideas are also flourishing on Twitch, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. Gerhard Dragschitz has also been active in the culinary blog business since 2015. As “Motion Cooking” he shares his experiences with a community that is considerable by local standards. He has 155,000 followers on Instagram alone. His video about Krautfleckerl 2.4 million views. This is called range.

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Recipe tip

Pumpkin Feta Rigatoni from Motion Cooking

The Burgenland native has been living in Graz for some time and, as he reveals with a smile, he can “make a good living” from his passion thanks to the number of views he receives. “But I never actually follow food trends, I just pick up what I like myself. “What works well in everyday life and can be implemented.” Such as a pumpkin and feta pasta that he spontaneously prepared during our visit. “Whatever I have available at the moment ends up in the pots and pans. “That’s usually a good approach,” laughs Dragschitz. “I always have citrus fruits at home, herbs, ginger, but also feta. And depending on the season, there is also pumpkin,” says the foodie, setting the culinary direction.

This makes a simple but wonderfully aromatic pasta dish. Of course, you can find this on the internet like sand by the sea. So what makes Dragschitz’s videos so successful? On the one hand, it is authentic. He explains his passion in friendly dialect. This is his distinguishing feature. “I am often asked what the formula for success is for many followers. Unfortunately that doesn’t exist. Regularity, authenticity, trying new things. Get out of your comfort zone. “You learn along the way and with perseverance you will hopefully be successful at some point,” the food blogger reveals a few tips.