“We are already old and finally want to have clarity. Who killed our son? Several names keep cropping up. “The case has to be clarified,” hopes the victim’s father, Johann Weber, and wants to offer a reward of 10,000 euros for useful information.

What happened back then, in the early morning hours of February 5, 1983, on the Packer Bundesstrasse in the Liebocher district of Schadendorf? The apprentice and his companion, a 19-year-old from Lieboch, were walking home – both drunk, the 17-year-old so drunk that he had to be supported by the young woman. A car drove towards the two of them, Weber was thrown into the ditch and died in hospital. The woman remained unhurt.

“There were already rumors of murder back then”

The police assumed it was a hit-and-run accident. The driver could never be identified. The act was filed. “There were already rumors of murder back then. In the inns, everywhere, people were talking about how this wasn’t an accident. But the gendarmes weren’t interested in that,” criticizes the father.

Until 2014, then the investigation was carried out again, but this time on suspicion of murder. The trigger for this was an anonymous letter that the parents and the State Criminal Police Office had received. Specific names were given, including that of the brother of the direct witness to the accident, who was uninjured. The letter was posted at the Lannach post office on August 8, 2014, but was probably written ten years earlier.

“This woman knows everything”

The Kleine Zeitung reported exclusively on this in 2014 and learned further explosive details from witnesses. A witness could clearly remember that Johann Weber was attacked by two men a week before he died. To this day, this witness remains: “I saw everything. And I still remember that the argument was about a girl and Hansi wanted to take advantage of one of the men.”

It was about the young woman who accompanied the 17-year-old on the way home and witnessed what happened. “This woman knows everything,” the victim’s father is convinced. He hopes she breaks her silence. She was interviewed in 2014. Their statements didn’t help the investigators – the same officials who had already investigated the accident – any further. The murder investigations against two suspects were ultimately closed by the public prosecutor’s office, as press spokesman Arnulf Rumbold confirmed. Since murder does not have a statute of limitations, the file could be reopened if there are new investigation approaches.

“Then we can finally finish, that’s my hope.”

The parents certainly hope so. Because they now learned from another witness who made an important observation at the time. “I was driving my car towards Lieboch and wanted to take the two of them with me. The woman refused. While I was talking to them, the car drove up and down a few times,” recalls Franz K. He kept driving towards the two of them and swerved at the last moment, as if he wanted to scare them. K. also remembers who was in the car: “It was the boyfriend of Weber’s companion and her brother.” The brother later hanged himself.

The witness did not see the event itself; he was already in an inn where he found out about it a short time later. “I immediately went there with two men to help.”

At some point, the 19-year-old’s boyfriend and brother also showed up, the witness said. “I told them straight up that it was them. They denied everything. Because the car they were traveling in was not damaged, the gendarmerie took no further interest in them. But now, 40 years later, it has become known that two vehicles were most likely used to lay false trails.

Johann Weber: “Perhaps now, after so long, someone wants to ease their conscience. Then we could finally finish. That’s my hope.”