In 2020, a 17-year-old stabbed a woman in a massage parlor in the Canadian city of Toronto and seriously injured another. Three years later there was a verdict in the trial that was unique in the world.

Defendant pleaded murder

Judge Suhail Akhtar on Tuesday classified the act as an act of terrorism and imposed a life sentence. The reason for the interpretation: The perpetrator wanted to send the message that he hates women. The perpetrator’s attempt to portray himself as a victim “brainwashed” by an incel culture did not work.

“He sought it out, he accepted it and he acted on it,” the judge said. The evidence would prove this. Sexist slogans were found on the murder weapon. A letter was also found in the perpetrator’s pocket that was actively directed against women.

The now 20-year-old confessed to the crime and pleaded guilty to murder and attempted murder. The penalties for terrorism are much higher. However, he can be released on parole after ten years. The incel culture that the man was referring to is a movement of men who are “involuntarily celibate” and which emerged in the USA. In internet forums, members exchange misogynistic fantasies.

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