Previously unknown perpetrators broke into a primary school in Arzberg, Weiz district, on Friday night. According to the police’s initial information, the crime probably occurred between 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. The perpetrators broke open an entrance door and got into the property, which houses not only the elementary school but also the kindergarten and rooms for various clubs.

They took a laptop and several tablet PCs, as well as musical instruments (trumpets, clarinets, trombone, etc.), a keyboard, electronic accessories (part of a stereo system) as well as children’s clothing and children’s shoes. In addition, all interior doors and some boxes were broken open, which also caused extensive property damage. To prevent the lights from constantly coming on, six motion detectors were forcibly knocked down. The total damage is likely to be in the five-digit range.

The Passail police station asks anyone who has information about the perpetrators to contact us immediately on 059133/62 66.