Kyrgios reveals that Andy Murray ‘saved’ his life: “He told me ‘What happened to your arm?'”

Nick Kyrgios He seems to be a completely renewed person. And we are not talking about Kyrgios the tennis player but about Kyrgios the person. The Australian has been out of the circuit for many months due to a long injury to the left knee It has only allowed him to play one game in 2023 (defeat to Wu in Stuttgart).

The peculiar and extravagant 28-year-old tennis player has given an interview to journalist Piers Morgan in which he dared to remember the worst moment of his life, a time when he could not focus on his career due to a depression that it even led him to self-harm.

“Murray said to me, ‘What’s on your arm’?”

Kyrgios has revealed in this conversation that there was a tennis player who helped him a lot in his worst moment, and it is none other than Andy Murray: “Andy saw the injury that I asked myself and he said ‘What happened to your arm?‘It was a very bad time, and he tried to advise me. But at that moment I was doing my thing and I didn’t listen. But I am very grateful to him.”

“Andy has always been taking care of me”

Without a doubt, the three-time Grand Slam winner was a support when Kyrgios needed it most: “Andy has always been a great support for me. As soon as I arrived on the circuit, he saw how I could progress and took me under his wing. Then he realized I realized that I couldn’t be trained or that I would go my own way, but He’s always been taking care of me.”

The one from Canberra, who currently has no ranking as he does not have a single ATP point, gave details of the worst consequences of his depression, which even led him to think about suicide.

“I won tournaments by drinking every night… hurting myself became an addiction, I hated myself”

Nick Kyrgios

“That was a pretty dark time, honestly. I won tournaments on the professional circuit drinking every night, self-inflicted injuries, burning things on my arm, making cuts on my body for fun. Hurting myself became an addiction. I hated myself. I hated waking up and being Nick Kyrgios,” explained the 2022 Wimbledon finalist.

“Now I help a lot of people who have self-harmed…”

Fortunately, the 28-year-old tennis player claims to have already overcome the worst moment of his life, something that has even served to be an inspiration for other people: “I feel like I have helped a lot of people after being honest and telling this on social networks. When They feel overwhelmed and fall into drinking, drugs and things like that, they open up and identify with what I’m talking about. That has been the most powerful thing I have done in my career, since people come and tell me their problems. They send me photos on Instagramdirect messages, because they have self-harmed or attempted suicide. I have spoken to these people, even on the phone. “I’m very proud,” said a renewed Kyrgios.

The Australian is a true figure and attraction on the ATP circuit and has never left anyone indifferent with his behavior on the court, often reprehensible… However, this 2023 seems to have made him become a better person. Tennis misses him and that is why we hope to see him back at the 2024 Australian Open, a place where he is a true idol.

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