The competition in Lillehammer was “not organized optimally,” the 27-year-old said. “I think it’s a little disappointing that we’re not allowed to jump further. None of us jump very far. Of course, this would make the task much easier.” The winner, Yuki Ito from Japan, jumped 90.5 and 94 meters on the normal springboard. Josephine Pannier of France and Alexandria Loutitt of Canada made surprise podium finishes.

Three-time world champion Schmid, known as Althaus before her wedding this summer, did not advance beyond eighth place. After attempts of 89.5 and 91 meters there was still a lot left to the podium. Schmid said she was “satisfied” to have had a better start to the winter than last year. Then it all started in Wisla with 21st place. Anna Rupprecht (9th place), Selina Freitag (19th place) and Louise Görlich (21st place) also scored points. On Sunday’s program there is one more person on the program.
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