After a mining accident in Chingola in Zambia’s copper belt, around 30 miners are believed to have been trapped or buried. It is feared that they drowned in the mine. “Our prayers are with the families of the dead,” said Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema, who thanked rescue workers for their work at the scene of the accident. The mine collapse on Friday was preceded by heavy rain.

The mining minister of the country in southern Africa found out about the rescue work on site. He announced a statement when the victims were recovered. According to unconfirmed reports, more than 40 bodies have been recovered, but there has been no official information about deaths. Interior Minister Jack Mwiimbu spoke in Parliament on Friday of more than 30 people buried.

The opencast mine is an “illegal” mine in which work is carried out without a license. There is therefore no information about the number of people working there.

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