Germany – France 2:2 (1:0), 4:3 v.d.

Goal scorers:

  • Paris Brunner (29th, penalty), Noah Darwiche (51st), Simon Boisbre (53rd), Mathis Amugu (85th)


  • Yellow cards: Winners Osave (45 + 5), Paris Brunner (48), Simon Boisbre (71)
  • Yellow Red: Osawa (69.)


  • Germany: Heide – da Silva Moreira, Jelch, Odogu, Hennig (Hervert, 88th) – Harchaoui, Osawe – Yalcinkaya (Ramsak, 67th), Darwiche (K, Kabar 74th), Brunner – Mörstedt.
  • France: Argni – Sadi (Sangi 46.), Meupiyu, Kayi Sanda, Titi – Amugu – Boisbre (Diallo 90.+4), Silla, Buneb, Gomis – Lamburd (Tinkres 90.)


15:33: Coach Christian Vyuk after the game: “We are European and world champions. I told the guys: you are making yourself immortal. The fight against such resistance is incredible. Everything is perfect, we are very happy.”

15:25: What an absolutely crazy World Cup final! Germany was already leading 2-0, but France finally managed to level the score against the Germans, who had been outnumbered since the 69th minute. The DFB team performed better in the penalty shootout and won with a score of 4-3. The U17 team won the first world title for the German Football Association in this age group. Historical!


15:22: AND KABAR REALIZES A PENALTY! The German U17 team is the world champion!

15:21: Heyde saves Gomis’ penalty! Match point for Germany!

15:20: Brunner is able to clear things up, but Argni saves the penalty. So everything is open again.

15:19: Tinkres makes it exciting again. The Frenchman scores and makes it 3-3.

15:18: Harchaoui lands a low inside right! This means Germany takes a 3-2 lead!

15:17: And then a very weak penalty from Meupiu! The defender wants to score the ball into the bottom left corner, but Heide is there!

15:16: Merstedt sends the goalkeeper to the other corner – and he shoots low into the lower right. 2:2!

15:16: And Sangi shoots! The Frenchman only hits the top edge of the crossbar.

15:15: Ramsack scores for Germany. 1:2.

15:14: Buneb calls the goalkeeper and shoots into the bottom left corner. 2-0 in favor of France.

15:13: Da Silva Moreira tries to hit Germany from the left and half-high, but Argni parries.

15:11: Kayi Sanda is part of his first eleven for France. It’s Heide’s turn – but it’s not like that. 1-0 to France on penalties.

15:11: Konstantin Heide could be the hero again – he saved two penalties in the semi-final against Argentina. Let’s!

End of 2nd half

90th + 10 minutes: Final whistle! It’s all about fines

90.+5 minutes: The Germans are now just waiting with trepidation for the final whistle. This would mean that the case would go straight to fines.

90.+4 minutes: France removes a goalscorer: Tidian Diallo comes on for Bouabre.

90.+2 minutes: And another ten minutes of added time. These will be difficult moments for the Germans, who are outnumbered.

90th minute: Brunner intercepts the ball from the Frenchman, but Argni does not give him the ball. Merstedt’s subsequent shot missed just wide of the goal.

90th minute: France is also changing: Tinkres comes instead of Lambourd.

88th minute: Changes in the DFB team: Maxi Herwert comes on instead of Hennig.


85th minute: Goal for France. The French played very well on the right flank! Gomis goes to the baseline and passes the ball right down the middle. Mathis Amugu just needs to intervene. Deserved compensation.

81st minute: Another sign of life from the Germans: Brunner, Ramsack and Merstedt begin the attack, but in the end Merstedt can no longer reach the skin against Argni. Nevertheless: the clock is ticking, these were important seconds.

77th minute: Now, from the Germans’ point of view, the balls are simply being kicked out of their own danger zone! The DFB team still have to survive 13 minutes plus stoppage time when they are outnumbered. It is difficult to resist the now repressive French, but a miracle is quite achievable.

74th minute: After a foul on Bouneba, France take a free kick from halfway. But Merstedt is there: he heads the ball to the edge.

71st minute: Yellow card for the French scorer Boisbre.

69th minute: Yellow-red for Osawa! The German was unable to get to the ball in a running duel and parried Buneb. Osave already has yellow – and now he sees yellow-red! Very bitter.

60th minute: The French have the next chance, but Heide’s shot from 18 meters goes wide.

55th minute: Les Bleus came into the game much stronger in the second half. After a corner, Titi rises up and hits Heide with a header from six meters out. The German goalkeeper struggles to direct the ball past the post.


53rd minute: Goal for France. The Frenchman’s dry response: Bouabre penetrates the penalty area from the left, tunnels through Jelch and shoots low to the right.


50th minute: GOOOOOOO for Germany! On the right flank, Mørstedt passes to Brunner, but he misses his cross. But behind him is Darwich, who plays from a tight angle to a short angle, shoots at the goalkeeper Argni – and the ball finally ends up in the goal.

46th minute: And let’s move on! The French national team coach replaces Sadi, and Sanghi takes his place.

Half the time

45th + 10 minutes: Espen Escas whistled at half-time. It was a fantastic performance by the DFB team in the first half of the World Cup final. Coach Vuc’s players offered the French almost no opportunity to score
and they themselves had several excellent chances. The French can consider themselves lucky, because from their point of view the score is only 0:1.

45th + 6 minutes: Boisbre was still the highlight of France. He breaks down the left flank and crosses, but his shot is deflected for a corner.

45:+5 minutes: Yellow card for Winners Osawa.

45.+1 minute: Brunner plays for Mörstedt, who falls in a duel with the French goalkeeper. This scene was also checked – but this time there was no penalty from Germany: it was offside.

45th minute: Eight minutes overplayed.

41st minute: Bouabre makes his way into the penalty area but is intercepted by da Silva Moreira and Harchaoui. Heide shoots the next corner out of bounds.

37th minute: Germany again: Osawe wins the ball and plays for Mørstedt, who shoots from 20 meters, but Argni saves the shot.


29th minute: GOOOOOOOOO for Germany! Paris Brunner looks for the goalkeeper and then shoots into the other half-left corner. Heartless! Wow!

29th minute: Fine! Brunner takes the lead!

23rd minute: Good combination through Moerstedt and Brunner on Darwiche. Argni parries his shot, the ball lands at the feet of Meupius, who clears the ball, but Yalcinkaya is there and Sadi fouls him as he tries to strike again. The referee decides on a penalty – after several minutes of video evidence!

22nd minute: Good single run from Boisbre. He shoots into the right corner, but Heide is there and deflects the ball away.

16th minute: The DFB team have performed very well in the World Cup final so far and are keeping the French in check. Vyuk’s team has already finished several times and won several corners – the only thing missing is a goal.

15th minute: And the next attempt by the DFB youth: Darwich shoots from 22 meters from the left to the right over the penalty area.

11th minute: A sign of life from the French: Sylla takes the first corner in the match against Harchaoui. Dangerous cross! Merstedt finally gets the ball out of the danger zone.

9th minute: France is shaking terribly! After the goal was scored offside, the Germans found themselves in the French five-point box just a few minutes later and they fought fiercely for the ball. Merstedt takes a spinning shot, but the ball deflects towards the corner.

3rd minute: Goal – or not: Mörstedt heads a shot to Brunner, who takes it with his hip and converts the volley – but unfortunately both Germans are offside. A pity.

1st minute: The first corner for Germany was taken by Hennig. It hits Harchaoui, but his shot is clear over the crossbar.

13:01: And here we go! Get your title!

13:00 Hours: Today, U17 can make history in several ways: U17 has never managed to become European champion and world champion in the same year – and in general, a German U17 has never been world champion.

12:59: The game will be officiated by referee Espen Eskas from Norway.

12:55: The World Cup final is a new version of the European Championship final, which will take place in June. There, the DFB team played against France and won on penalties (5:4). A good omen.

11:55 am: The starting lineup is ready! The hero of the semi-final will also be in goal for the final: Konstantin Heide from SpVgg Unterhaching. He represented sick goalkeeper Max Schmitt of Bayern against Argentina and was the match winner, scoring two penalties.

11:40 am: Mario Goetze encourages the youth. “Now, shortly before the final, I would like to tell you: I believe in you. Can you do it! Reward yourself,” writes the 2014 world champion in an article on The 31-year-old also gave important advice to young players: “Fight for each other. Run for each other. And help each other. If the person next to you makes a mistake, take it out on them. do it as a team. And then everything will work out. I will follow your game, we play in Augsburg only on Sunday.”

11:07: A warm welcome on this final day for the German U17 team to make history. At 13:00 meeting with France for the world title. The path for coach Christian Vuk’s team is clear: “Now, of course, we want to win the gold medal.” Find out if the team will land Dortmund talent Paris Brunner here on the ticker from 1pm ET.

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