In front of 44,887 spectators, Lois Openda (29th place penalty) and Yussuf Poulsen (44th place) provided a clear lead before Benedict Gimbert (45th place + 2) reduced the lead. In the end, Leipzig remained unbeaten in the Bundesliga against a newly promoted team.

From the first matches between the two teams in the 2013/14 third division season, only Leipzig’s Poulsen remained. However, the Leipzig team’s attention was focused on another player. Distinctive player

Led by the Dutch international, Leipzig initially dominated the game and pushed to take the lead. Heidenheim coach Frank Schmidt tried to alleviate the pressure by using a more defensive formation. US international Lennard Maloney has moved back from holding midfielder to the center of a five-man line.

However, Leipzig were not bothered by this. Within two minutes Openda, who had scored twice in Manchester, took the lead. However, the Belgian striker of the Belgium national team shot high from six meters. Three minutes later, FH goalkeeper Kevin Muller made a great save against Poulsen. The Dane appeared relaxed after his goal in the 1-2 win over Wolfsburg, but his finishing was still lacking.

Piringer misses chance to follow Heidenheim’s lead

And Heidenheim? Suddenly there was a great chance to take the lead. Marvin Piringer (14th) looked completely free in front of the Leipzig goal, but without any pressure, he headed wide of the goal. Then Heidenheim helped. Norman Theuerkauf brought down Openda in the penalty area and the 23-year-old successfully converted the penalty.

The game got a little flat after that and just before the break it got really confusing. David Raum was strong on the left flank and passed the ball to Poulsen – and this time he was luckier. His shot went through Müller’s legs and into the goal. A preliminary decision, one thought. But after a corner in stoppage time, Gimber was there and unexpectedly reduced the score.

RB tries in vain for the third goal

However, this did not upset Leipzig. Christoph Baumgartner (47th place) wanted to restore the old distance by throwing Müller. The goalkeeper kept the ball, but the ball landed at Poulsen’s feet. This time the Dane was too hesitant in front of an empty goal and made a mistake. RB were aiming for the third goal, but, as in the case of Xaver Schlager’s (55th) shot into the side goal, there was not enough accuracy.

As the game became increasingly flat, RB coach Marco Rose brought two new additions from the bench in Emil Forsberg and Benjamin Sesco. In the first action, Forsberg served Openda (78 minutes), but he could not hit the post from a tight angle.
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