What the European Championship brings to Austria: Live draw

More than one million tickets have already been sold and more than 20 million applications have been received. There is already great excitement for the 2024 European Football Championship in Germany.

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Fans don’t even know who will play against whom or when.

Which great group will Austria join?

This is now changing: The next summer tournament (14 June – 14 July) will be shaped by the group stage draw on Saturday. The most important questions:

Where will the draw be held and who will broadcast it?

The draw will take place on Saturday (18:00/Servus TV live) at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. The ceremony should last about 50 minutes in total. Six groups are drawn, providing information about duels, venues, and the rest of the tournament tree.

What do the possible groups look like for Austria?

The ÖFB team will be drawn from the second pot and Germany, France, Spain, England, Portugal and Belgium will be in the first pot. From the third and fourth pots you can get so-called easier opponents, such as play-off winners Slovenia or Slovakia. However, there is a threat from the third pot, like the Netherlands and Croatia, and from the defending champion Italy, from the fourth pot. A duel cannot be played with the teams of Hungary, Turkey, Albania, Romania and Denmark in the second pot.

Who is fighting for the remaining three European Championship starting places?

Play-off winners A will be determined by Poland, Wales, Finland and Estonia in March 2024. Play-off winners B Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland and Ukraine. The candidates in play-off path C are Georgia, Greece, Kazakhstan and Luxembourg. Tournaments with semi-finals and finals are played. In the semi-finals, the better placed teams in the Nations League will have home advantage. Three final matches resulted in home draws.

How does the giveaway work?

Germany will be seeded as A1 and will play its opening match in Munich and the other two group matches in Stuttgart and Frankfurt. The first pot is drawn first. The first team to draw goes into Group B, the next into Group C, and so on. Then, a draw is made for the position in the group. Unlike previous draws, these teams will not automatically be ranked as group leaders. Seeded teams such as France or Spain may also be B3 or F4, for example.

This is followed by the second pot. The first team to draw becomes the German opponent, but a group position is then determined (A2, A3 or A4). If A2 draws, they will be opponents in the opening match to be held in Munich on June 14. The team that withdraws later enters Group B. This procedure is repeated on the third and fourth bags. The exact schedule of the games will be finalized and published shortly after the draw.

Are there any conflicts excluded?

NO. Although UEFA had previously excluded five duels from the group draw (Bosnia – Kosovo, Serbia – Kosovo, Ukraine – Belarus, Azerbaijan – Armenia, Spain – Gibraltar), at least one team from these matchups did not qualify for the final round. A politically charged encounter between Serbia and Albania is possible.

Who draws the lot?

UEFA and the organizing committee keep this a secret. Former professionals and tournament legends usually participate in the draw.


Source: Vienna


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