Julian Nagelsmann (national team coach): “It’s a very interesting group, especially the first game against Scotland. It’s obviously emotional, they have great fans. I think it’s a good start in Munich. Hungary and Switzerland have several Bundesliga players, and also some that I trained myself. I think these are exciting fights. We want to let our emotions out when the games start. Don’t say too much in advance. We have a path we want to go down. This is one “This is an interesting group , which we clearly want to win. This is not a group of death, but there are no truly bad opponents here.”

Rudi Völler (DFB sporting director): “I’ll be honest: of course, in the 3rd and 4th pots there was a constellation with Holland and Italy, if you get into their group, then this is, of course, the so-called hammer or death group,” But we are spared from this. But the three who are with us now also played very well in qualifying. We are not in a situation where we don’t respect opponents and don’t take them lightly, those days are over.”

Bernd Neuendorf (President of the German Football Association): “Super attractive group, great games. I’m especially looking forward to the opening game against Scotland. I think she’ll be great. We know the Scottish fans, they are happy and peaceful.” , they note: It’s really great as a debut game.”

Murat Yakin (Swiss national team coach): “On the one hand, I am happy for our fans, as well as for the players, many of whom played in the Bundesliga. This is a great group, very challenging. Germany is definitely the favorite, you know? “We don’t need to look at the test matches. We know that Germany is a tournament team and that they will definitely improve. If everyone is healthy, I am convinced that Germany can create a good team before the European Championships.”

Michael Ballack (former national team player): “We as hosts can be quite happy. This is not a group of death, this is an attractive group with a good squad. We have a lot to offer in terms of football standards. But with home advantage and with the right approach and with the right analysis of these teams we can win.”

Dennis Aogo (former national team player): “I think it’s definitely a decent group. I think it’s important that we go into next year in a good mood, also in terms of the mood for the whole country.”

Heribert Bruchhagen (former coach): “Since the third person in the group also comes out – it’s actually a joke – I’m sure we made a good draw.”

Marcel Jansen (HSV President and former national team player): “To be honest, I would have preferred a cool group from the start. (…) If you have a strong group, then the expectations are not so high. tall: “I think this is a great opportunity. (…) I believe in the team and that they will succeed as a group.”
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