Carlos Tatay, Moto 2 rider, continues to recover from the serious accident that left him in a wheelchair

Carlos Tatay continues to recover from his fall to 260km/h at the Portuguese Portimão circuit, which left him in a wheelchair with a spinal cord injury. By not having the spinal cord completely sectioned, he is expected to regain mobility. Now, 5 months latercontinues fighting to walk again, and Antena 3 Deportes has spoken with him.

He fell off the motorcycle at 260 km/h

Tatay He does not shy away from reliving the terrible fall, and there is a tattoo on his hand that says ‘full gas‘, perfectly defines his attitude on the court. When her body hit the protective barrier, he quickly realized thegravity: “I knew it. In fact I told my father in the ambulance. You find yourself in the ICU, on morphine, and you realize after a few days that this is going to be a long time.” The pilot spent a few very hard months trying to regain mobility.

I have some ‘live’ wires. It is not known how many“explains the Valencian. In Toledo he also recovers his mind: “The chair has to go down here, and not be on the head, because if not you are completely lost“. Following that thought, and with the aim of capturing the rehabilitation process before people, learning about the new life has taken it to social networks, where you can see the pilot carrying out all kinds of activities in the hospital.

Rehabilitation costs 115,000 euros per year

Despite the brutality of the accident that July, Tatay is not afraid to get back on the motorcycle: “I have not been afraid going at 300 per hour, due to a spinal cord injury either“.

Now he has another battle, the judicial one, because he has taken action against the Spanish and Valencian Motorcycle Federation. And his rehabilitation costs 115,000 euros per yearand the federal insurance does not cover it: “I’ve been here for 5 months, and I haven’t received a single call about how you are.“.

Source: Antena3


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