“Now it’s up to the clubs, the German football situation, to give these guys the opportunity to play in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd league,” said Vück after the World Cup triumph. “We have to find ways in Germany to give German talent playing time. This also requires trust.”

The U17 team previously won the world title against France in a 4–3 penalty shootout. After regulation time the score became 2-2. For the first time, a team in this age group became European and world champions. “There’s enough talent this year to get started,” Vuk said.

Feller: “Really great career”

The DFB sporting director can do this too. Rudi Völler introduce. “Often these are the wines that make a career many years later,” Völler said on RTL. “If they keep working like this and keep improving, at some point they can become senior players for the national team. They still have a long way to go.”

But he encountered it often, Voller said. “If they stay fit and get good advice – which is always important in football – then many of them will have great careers.”

Vyuk emphasized that there are problems in the transition zone because talented players there do not have enough playing time. “The club and the German football landscape will have to reflect,” the 50-year-old said. “The victims are the association, the senior national team and the U21 team.”

The current year was dedicated to German virtues. “The examples of Paris Brunner and Finn Jelch show that we still have class and individual strength in the team,” said Vück, naming the Dortmund and Nuremberg players by name. “But I could list everyone in different positions.”
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