Having achieved success in the sprint, the Bavarian pursued his teammate. Roman Rees Saturday is a welcome shirt in Sweden. He will wear it for the first time this Sunday (16:00/ZDF and Eurosport) in the pursuit race.

“This is the first time I find myself in this position. While I have only been able to experience this in small races, at the World Cup it will be completely new,” said Navrat to the new role of the persecuted. The Bavarian will take to the cross-country course 19 seconds ahead of veteran Tarjei Boe of Norway. Navrat does not feel any pressure after fulfilling her dream. For the first time, a skier from SC Nesselwang reached the World Cup podium alone. On Thursday, he was part of the men’s relay team that finished third.

DSV with a good start to the season

The start of the German season is going fantastically. At the top of the overall men’s rankings are three players from the German Ski Association: Navrat (102 points) is ahead of Justus Strehlow (101) and Roman Ries (90). And Franziska Preuss, the German in yellow, will also take part in the women’s hunt on Sunday. “The fact that we are at the top now is a testament to a really good team performance. We have created the ideal base conditions,” Navrat said. Ski technicians in particular have been doing an outstanding job since the new fluoride ban and are still creating perfect boards.

But this also corresponds to individual achievements. Rees won his first singles title last Sunday. Now Navrat managed to achieve the rare feat of not making a single mistake in the sprint. He recently checked with a close friend to see how often he was able to finish a race and hit all the targets. “I have to look back for a long time, and on average I only manage to do it once every three years. It’s not really a hit,” he said. “When it works and everything works out, you’re even happier. ”
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