Only after the home European Championship will it be possible to discuss whether and how this will happen with a player who was only signed in September. Nagelsmann continues. Neuendorf highlighted this in the latest episode of the podcast “Spielmacher – the EM Talk with Sebastian Hellmann and 360Media”, which will be released on Thursday.

This is initially planned to happen before the summer, and until then the focus will be solely on the European Championships. “We will stick to this. We will under no circumstances start a debate now,” Neuendorf stressed. “We won’t let ourselves be talked out of the line because it’s all background noise that we don’t need right now. He needs full support for the next six months. No secondary theaters of war,” the 62-year-old general added. old DFB boss.

Neuendorf talks about the roller coaster ride

The 36-year-old’s tenure under Nagelsmann began with a trip to the US with a 3-1 win over the hosts and a 2-2 win over Mexico. As recently as 2-3 against Turkey and 0-2 in Austria, there were bitter setbacks and criticism of the former Leipzig and Bayern coach for his tactical experiments.

Given the public reaction, Neuendorf talked about the roller coaster ride. The amplitudes will fluctuate wildly up and down. After two not very good games, things started to get dark again. Sometimes he wishes there was more moderation and balance.

You should highlight the positive and what needs to be strengthened, rather than always talking or writing yourself into the ground. The next test matches will be against France and the Netherlands in March, while Scotland, Hungary and Switzerland will be opponents in the European Championship preliminary round in June.
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