Jon Rahm confirms his signing for LIV Golf: “Money has weighed, but it is not the only reason”

“Good evening, as you can see it is official. This is me after all the rumors, some true and some false. I have officially joined LIV Golf.” With these words Jon Rahm, the winner of the United States Open (2021) and the Augusta Masters (2023), triggered a real earthquake in world golf. The most charismatic player on the PGA Tour joined the Saudi circuit and caused a failure in the PGA’s waterline. Nothing will be the same since Barrika confirmed the rumors of his departure.

The current number 3 in the world appeared on the FOX News network to give official status of his departure from the PGA Tour and his signing for LIV Golf in exchange for a million-dollar sum that, although it has not been officially disclosed, many media outlets place between 500 and 600 million dollars. Rahm explained that he made this decision thinking about him and his family, while maintaining that his goal is for “golf to grow.”

Money is a very important factor, but there is more, how to play as a team; My goal is for golf to grow. It is not an easy decision, I have had a great career, there are many things that LIV Golf can offer, starting with playing as a team. As a professional you don’t have that chance and it’s a lot of fun to play for more than just yourself. “LIV Golf has grown and refreshed the world of golf,” said Jon Rahm.

“I have made this decision because I think it is the best for me and my family, and everyone I’ve been able to talk to has been very supportive. So I’m very comfortable with my decision,” Rahm said.

The one from Barrika He did not want to specify the figures of his signing for LIV Golfalthough he clarified that he does not play golf for money.

“I can’t comment. It’s private and it will remain private. It was a great offer. The money is incredible, but what I said is true, I don’t play golf for money, I play for the love of this sport. As a husband and father, I have the obligation to give the best opportunities to my family. Obviously it is a factor, an important factor in my decision, but there are many others such as being a captain, being a team leader, making golf grow,” Jon Rahm noted.

The newspaper archive that will remember Rahm for a while

The Basque golfer will be haunted for a while by the newspaper archive and the firm position against LIV Golf that he held a year and a half ago, when he said that 400 million would not change his life.

“The LIV format doesn’t appeal to me at all. I watched a little bit of the LIV London Tournament and the only thing that was talked about was the fact that Charl Schwartzel took home $4.7 million. He grew up hearing stories about Seve and those great players. The stories of great victories are much more than money,” Rahm declared a year and a half ago.

Now, the question is whether Jon Rahm will be able to continue playing the main tournaments of the PGA Tour and the Ryder Cupthat competition is so special for the one from Barrika and that the Spaniard plays with the same enthusiasm with which his idol Severiano Ballesteros promoted this sporting fight between the United States and Europe.

“If I’m lucky and everything goes well in the future, I still want to be part of the PGA”

“If I’m lucky and everything goes well in the future, I still want to be part of the PGA. If LIV Golf gives me the freedom without conflict, I want to be part of the PGA and the DP World Tour,” Jon Rahm explained last night.

I love the Ryder Cup. I have explained many times how meaningful it is to me and of course I hope to be in future editions“explained the world number 3.

“It’s a big risk (going to LIV Golf in terms of the Ryder Cup), but I’ve taken it into consideration and, again, I hope I can be part of the team again,” Rahm noted.

Finally, Barrika’s expressed his desire for the PGA Tour and LIV Golf to join their pathssomething that began to be done with an agreement in principle – not yet closed and pending negotiation – reached last June.

“A lot has happened in golf and we have seen steps forward to unite the sport,” said Rahm, who noted that his “goal” as a golfer is to take this sport “to a better position.”

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