Club Ostalb will be safe in the Bundesliga after beating Jahn in Regensburg on Sunday (3:30 p.m.), otherwise Hamburg could overtake Sandhausen.

Sanwald can only smile at fears that clubs like Heidenheim could hurt the Bundesliga’s appeal. “If other clubs had performed better, they would have played in the Bundesliga. If we win in Regensburg we will have 67 points. Then you deserve to play in the Bundesliga. They must do it. They should try to play football as well as we do. We can’t do it for free,” the head of the club said.

Sanwald and statue of Schmidt

Football lives on with success stories like in Heidenheim. This shows that the system is breathing. “Kaiserslautern and Mönchengladbach also come from small towns. If the same teams always play, then we just buy a license, like in the USA, in the NFL. This also has its own attraction. But then we should talk about it openly. “, Sunvald added.

He would erect a monument to longtime coach Frank Schmidt. “We can install them wherever he wants. He definitely deserves them.”
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