“This means that the FC can act in preparation for the 2023/24 season,” Cologne said. “It is not yet possible to predict” when a decision on the appeal can be expected.

The background is a transfer dispute between FC and NK Olimpia Ljubljana because of the strong talent of Yaka Kuber Potočnik. At the end of March, the global association FIFA imposed a two-period transfer ban and a fine for alleged Bundesliga club misconduct in signing the 17-year-old in January 2022. On the other hand, both Cologne and the Slovenian club, which demands higher compensation, and Potočnik himself found themselves in front of Kas.

Just one step away from a transfer ban

“The transfer ban against FC does not initially apply after Kasom’s penalty suspension,” wrote the Cologne-based team. “The same applies to the verdict against Yaka Potocnik. The youth’s four-month ban has also been suspended.”

FC managing director Christian Keller said the decision was “important for us. We can now step up in the transfer market within our capacity, which is limited by economic consolidation.” However, the club knows that “a penalty kick suspension is only the first step in preventing a transfer ban. Therefore, we will continue to work hard to completely prevent the FIFA verdict.”

The pledge of Leart Pacarada (28 years old) at the beginning of January is valid. In the summer, the left-back could move from St. Pauli to Cologne and also get the right to play.
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