At least, this is not the main thing in the Saturday qualification (16:00 / Sky). Accordingly, racing on a narrow track only 3.337 km long can be monotonous. Possibility to change the route great opportunities Ralf Schumacher not at the moment. “I didn’t know that there was enough space, everything is built up. I think there will be a will,” he explained.

The future of the route after the end of the contract in two years is open. Especially given the strong competition from the United States and the Arab world.

Formula 1 last competed in Germany in 2020.

The question is how Europe will develop, said Ralf Schumacher, when asked who rather owns the future: Miami, where he was sent away three weeks ago, or Monaco, where the Grand Prix is ​​due to take place on Sunday (15:00/Sky). “At the moment we have a lot of political issues. Formula 1 wants to be sustainable by 2030, but is that fast enough at the pace that is presented in Europe. Currently, the trend is directed to the Middle East and America. saying that this is something we have to adapt to, whether we like it or not.”

The former racing driver is “a little” pinning his hopes on Audi’s return to Germany’s top motorsport class. “It will be purely a work team.” The Ingolstadt-based automaker will be on board in 2026. Formula 1 last drove in Germany in October 2020. The Nurburgring has jumped up during the corona pandemic. A year earlier, the premier class had stopped at the Hockenheimring.
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