According to UEFA competition director Martin Cullen, the UEFA European Football Championship in Germany will be the most commercially successful European Championship tournament. “Our goal is to achieve sales of more than 2.4 billion euros – and we will achieve this,” the Swiss said on Thursday at the Spobis sports business congress in Hamburg.

The European Championship starts on June 14. The television market is sold out, with the exception of two or three small Asian countries. “We are in every major country,” Cullen said. In Germany we even have the widest television coverage ever. “We also got rid of sponsorship,” the Swiss continued.

Cullen has been organizing European Championship tournaments since 2004.

He is very pleased with Germany as the organizer. “This will be a great European Championship,” said Cullen, and asked: “If we don’t organize it well in Germany, where in Europe?”

Cullen has been responsible for organizing the European Championships since 2004. At the European Championships, his heart always beat for the two teams, as he said: “As a Swiss, of course, for Switzerland, but also always for the host country of the European Championship.”

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Organizer of the European Championship about the DFB team: “We have a good team”

He hopes the DFB team will have a long stay at home at the European Championships: “They have a good team and they are also a tournament team,” said Cullen, who counts France and England as favourites.

The European Championships are still a few months away, but Cullen is already looking forward to it: “I hope it will be a big football festival. I want people to feel good, remember football and have a good time in Germany,” he replied. organizer of the European Championship when asked about his wishes for the tournament.

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Thomas Müller made it clear to the DFB team

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