The Chiefs’ crazy celebration after winning the Super Bowl, from inside

to the cry of Long live Las Vegas! celebrated Travis Kelce the superbowl while in the futuristic sphere of the Allegiant Stadium In the capital of Nevada there was an American football helmet with the colors of the Kansas City Chiefs. They lifted the fourth title for the franchise, the third for the MVP of the night, Patrick Mahomes, who at 28 years old was speaking at that dynasty celebration, the one he is leading and with which he hopes to enter not only the history of American football, but of sport in general. At the height of the Bulls of Michael Jordan or the Patriots by Tom Brady.

But the journalists and the spotlights crowded around the fashionable couple of American football. The receptor Travis Kelce and the singer with the most musical reproductions in the world, Taylor Swift, both of them, in front of all the spotlights, merged in a kiss for the ages. What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas, both of them must have thought, like a photographer who avoided danger by millimeters when L’Jarius Sneed and his almost 90 kilos rushed to fall on him. But the Chiefs cornerback managed to avoid the photographer with a skillful jump.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Hidalgo’

Skill, but of a different kind, that of the fashionable woman last night at the Las Vegas stadium, Taylor Swift She knew she was the focus of all eyes during the game, yet she did not hesitate to have a drink with a friend, the whole glass of beer. What is colloquially known as ‘make a Hidalgo’something that appeared on the stadium video scoreboard and was responsible for collecting the NFL on their social networks.

Taylor Swift is expected at Wednesday’s celebration

The Kansas coach must not have had a good time either, Andy Reid, when Kelce confronted him about going behind on the scoreboard during the match. He took issue with the striking image that he left after the game, saying that he simply asked him to score and assured him that he would score. The final victory proved him right, to which the coach added that Kelce “is magnificent and helps him stay young” at 65 years old. The night in Las Vegas fell short for his men, next stop, the celebration through the streets of Kansas, next Wednesday where they hope that Taylor Swift will be one more member of the team’s celebration.

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