Soccer player dies after being struck by lightning during a match in Indonesia

Football player Septian Raharja He died, struck by lightning during a friendly match this Saturday at the stadium Bandung Siliwangi (Indonesia). The player, 34 yearswas active in Football Boots Indonesia Subang.

The video of the moment when the lightning strikes the player has gone viral on social networks in the last few hours and has left many users stunned. xbefore Twitterdue to the harshness of the images.

Local media have explained that Raharja was still breathing after the lightning strike and was taken to a nearby hospital, but that he died shortly after due to the severity of the injuries. Burns.

Where is lightning most likely to strike?

Lightning causes more than 250,000 deaths a year worldwide. These tragic images remind us how dangerous thunderstorms can be, especially if we are on plains where we are the highest element. These are the places where lightning is most likely to strike and therefore we should avoid stormy days:

  • Many lightning strikes the seas and oceans. This is because much of our planet’s surface is covered in water. Likewise, the humidity in these points favors the conduction of electricity, which also increases the chances of lightning strikes.
  • The elevated areas They are the ones that register the most rays. For example in Spainthe area of ​​the Pyrenees and the area of Iberian System They are the regions that suffer the highest concentration of lightning strikes.
  • Many lightning bolts also fall on the trees, since they are higher than the ground. Likewise, the humidity of forests and parks favors and attracts rays to these points.
  • Lightning also usually falls on objects higher than those around them, and even more so if they are metallic. It is because of that antennas and poles on buildings They are usually protected with lightning rods.

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