The 26-year-old football player finished third twice at the season opener in Östersund and at the dress rehearsal for the World Cup in Antholz. Justus Strehlow Having celebrated his first World Cup victory in single mixed doubles, he had to settle for 18th World Cup place in the sprint and 15th place in the pursuit.

Close to tears after a hunt

“The World Cup is not going so well so far,” said the Thuringian, who was close to tears after the hunting races. What she wants is more support: “Right now I just need a hug and some nice words, and certainly no news that would bring me down further.”

With objective criticism, emphasized Voigt, she can handle it. But when people “who are sitting on the couch watching TV and have probably never skied themselves just voice their criticism,” it’s “pretty weak,” Voigt said.

Hateful comments are nothing new for the WSV Rotterode athlete. She has published some of them before. So people can see “what we are fighting against.”

To better cope with the pressure, Voigt works with a psychologist. This is the result of an analysis of last year’s home world championships in Oberhof, where Voigt completely disappointed in the individual races but celebrated a conciliatory finish with silver in the relay.
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