Snow warning for Friday and Saturday: From the GeoSphere Austria The second highest warning level “orange” was issued for Tyrol, East Tyrol and parts of Carinthia on Wednesday. In some valleys there could be up to half a meter of fresh snow and in the mountains even up to one meter. A cold front from the west is responsible for this.

“According to all models, Friday will be very intense. Exciting in all respects and especially in relation to the snow,” says Gerhard Hohenwarter. The GeoSphere Austria meteorologist also explains why exact forecasts for snow amounts are difficult: “Even one degree makes the difference whether the snowfall line is at 1,700 or 700 meters above sea level. If it is only slightly plus at 1500 meters, then the limit does not drop any further; if it is around 0 degrees, then it snows all the way down to the valley.”

Heavy rainfall from Friday afternoon

The precipitation will begin coming from the southwest during the night from Thursday to Friday. “In the traffic jam of the Carnic Alps, it could snow at Nassfeld on Thursday, but it will still be dry in the valley,” says Hohenwarter. On Friday the precipitation becomes increasingly heavier from midday onwards and brings heavy rainfall throughout East Tyrol and Upper Carinthia until the late evening hours. “The snowfall line will initially be between 1,300 and 1,400 meters, then it depends on how quickly the temperatures drop.”

According to current information, it will snow in East Tyrol down to low altitudes. Up to 50 centimeters of fresh snow is expected in the Lienz district. “The Lesach and Drautal valleys, Heiligenblut, Mallnitz, Katschberg and Hermagor can expect heavy snowfall. Also on the Gerlitzen – from the Kanzelbahn upwards – there is probably half a meter, the Turrach gets 40 to 50 centimeters. “We are even expecting one meter of fresh snow at Nassfeld on Friday,” says Hohenwarter.

No snow in sight in the east

It is currently not expected that it will snow in Spittal an der Drau, Villach and Klagenfurt, says the weather expert: “Possibly in Spittal and Villach on Saturday night, but that currently remains unlikely due to the temperatures being too warm.” In In Klagenfurt and east of it, the rain is not expected to start until Friday afternoon. The east of the country and especially the ski areas there can therefore hardly expect any snow, the meteorologist predicts: “The snowfall line will hardly fall below 1700 meters, only with a lot of luck it could snow down to 1400 meters on the Koralm or the Weinebene. “The Lavanttal will receive the least precipitation.

Perfect slopes

By midnight at the latest, the rain and snowfall will subside everywhere: “Maybe there will still be a few showers in Upper Carinthia on Saturday. In the east and north of Carinthia, Saturday will be a relatively friendly day. Sunday will be a mix of sun and clouds and with plus ten to twelve degrees again, much too warm for the time of year,” says Hohenwarter, who expects perfect conditions for skiers on the weekend if the slopes are prepared quickly. “Away from the pistes, the danger of avalanches will be significant because of the large amounts of snow on relatively warm ground and because of the wind,” warns the meteorologist.

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