– Meticulousness: No bobsleigh pilot is as meticulous as “Franz,” as he is called by the team. “He knows exactly what to do, always thinks with a solution in mind and leaves nothing to chance,” says head coach Rene Spies, praising the outstanding driver. He searches and fumbles until he finds even the smallest detail. “We found a small bug that made a big difference,” he said. Frederick after winning the title.

– Skid understander: The Saxon grinds his car’s runners longer, harder and with more love than all the other bobsledders in the World Cup circus. Often for hours. Just like before the doubles bobsleigh race in Winterberg. “The runners were very well prepared. Our type of runners helped us a lot. This is such a small key to success,” Friedrich said.

– Experience and Ambition: Especially when things don’t go his way, which has been a rarity in his career, every particle on the bean turns over to squeeze out a hundredth of a second somewhere. Also on the train. “In training, I was choosing the right spots where I would place my shoes and seeing where I could lose a lot of time,” Friedrich said. It bore fruit.

– Home coach Gerd Leopold: The experienced coach who guided Harald Czudaj to Olympic victory in Lillehammer in 1994 knows exactly what to do with his protégé, whom he initially called the “talent of the century.” “Satisfaction for Franz because you also learn from second and third places,” said Leopold, who has looked after the most successful bobsled pilot for more than two decades. His maxim: “The art of ability lies in the will.”

– The team: his pushers Thorsten Margis, Alexander Schuller, Candy Bauer and Felix Straub are a cohesive, well-rehearsed and, above all, extremely strong team. The hundred-pound colossuses live by the idea of ​​performance, and sometimes team boss Friedrich or home trainer Leopold coax them into other training stimuli, such as yoga.
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