Ahead of his 80th birthday this Wednesday, Mayer based his decision on the 2014 FIFA World Cup champion’s extensive experience in international matches and tournaments. Newer. He also compared his former goalkeeper protégé. Oliver Kahn. “Manuel Neuer was injured for a long time after a skiing accident. But now he’s back in shape. You can’t just say to a player who has played so many international matches and achieved so much success for the national team and also for the club: “Otherwise Neuer will be like Oliver Kahn in 2006,” said Mayer, who coached national goalkeepers in the German Bund from 1988 to 2004

As a goalkeeper coach, Mayer became world champion in Italy in 1990 under team manager Franz Beckenbauer. Six years later, national coach Berti Vogts won the European title in England. In 2004, Mayer lost his job due to the fact that then-national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann gave him a clear vote over his club protégé Kahn in a goalkeeping match. Jens Lehmann accused.

Neuer has been in goal for the DFB in every major tournament since 2010.

“Kahn was number 1 for many years – and he didn’t play at the World Cup because the national team coach thought so. Because he wanted to put Jens Lehmann in goal. They removed the regular goalie. The same thing would happen now with Neuer,” Meyer said. “Of course, he is getting old. But for me Neuer is still number 1 in Germany, logical. You can’t forget everything. He was the goalkeeper of the world. He has 117 international matches. He played everything: World Cups, European Championships.” – Mayer objected.

Neuer has been in goal for the DFB at every major tournament since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. competitor Ter Stegen It was only used in the tournament when Russia won the Confederations Cup in 2017, when then national team coach Joachim Löw made do without Neuer.

Following Neuer’s broken leg following the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Ter Stegen became the DFB’s No. 1 in the long-time captain’s absence. National team coach Julian Nagelsmann has already announced Neuer’s return to Germany for the first international matches of the European Championship in March against France and the Netherlands.
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