World Tobogganing Association views schedule with ‘great concern’

The Fil World Luge Association views with great concern “the highly ambitious construction schedule, which is progressing faster than any other track,” it said in a statement issued in early February. This also includes a critical homologation phase no later than March 2025 to clarify all safety issues. Plan B must be “implemented in parallel” to “ensure that the event site is accessible to sledders.”

It is also important to have a long-term plan to preserve Cortina’s railway heritage, as sustainable development is a high priority for Fil. It appears that this has not been sufficiently taken into account in the information presented so far. National team coach Loch thinks so too. In an interview with Fil, he said: “We have to use and utilize our existing tracks. Then in the future we will have attractive competitions and be able to offer excellent sport. I’m not worried about speed skating in the future.” Luge can be “presented so beautifully on television. I believe that because we have so many interesting sports facilities, our sport has a future.”
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