For Bayern Munich, the Champions League game against Lazio in Rome means not only reaching the quarterfinals, which is so important in sporting terms, but also a lot of money. A total of up to €43.1 million in UEFA bonuses will be at stake in the second leg of the round of 16 on the evening of 5 March. This is exactly how much the German football record holders would have earned this season if they had won the title.

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The second leg of the round of 16 against Lazio at the Allianz Arena after a 1-0 defeat on February 14 in Rome initially costs around €10.6 million, which each quarter-finalist receives from the European Football Union (UEFA) bonus bank. Participation in the semi-finals will bring another 12.5 million euros. Winning the title on June 1 at London’s Wembley Stadium will be rewarded with €20 million. The losing finalist can console himself financially with 15.5 million euros.

Bayern Munich makes money in the Champions League

The European Premier League proves to be a valuable source of money for Bayern regulars year after year. The Munich company’s premium income from the current competition already amounts to 75.42 million euros. In addition, there is spectator income from the four home games, as well as money from the market pool, which should total more than €20 million. If Bayern beat Lazio, they will also surpass the €100 million mark this season. (dpa/how)

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