“I think it’s always hard to know everything with these things, and it would be nice if there was more transparency so you can actually form a better opinion,” said Vettel on the British television channel Sky News: “I think it’s always difficult when you read one thing, then another – and then vice versa. I think now everything is going in circles.”

The reason for the unrest in the world champion racing team, which has been going on for several weeks, is the scandal surrounding team boss Christian Horner. The employee accused the Briton of inappropriate behavior. After an internal investigation, the complaint was dismissed. However, anonymous emails containing juicy details were then sent to journalists and Formula 1 officials, putting Horner under pressure again. There have been no consequences for the 50-year-old man yet.

Asked about the role of women in top class motorsport in general, Vettel said: “Formula 1 is changing, but in many ways it is an old-fashioned business.” When he entered the racing series in 2007, there weren’t many women there, but when he retired in 2022, things changed and the number increased significantly. “There are positive changes, but there is still room for improvement,” said the 36-year-old.

Controversy about Horner and team management would definitely have another negative effect. “It’s a shame because Max (Verstappen, d. Ed.) is actually doing a great job. The team, including many people I remember from back in the day, do a great job in the background. It kind of gets forgotten when the topic is about something else,” said Vettel, who won the drivers’ title four times for Red Bull from 2010 to 2013. Dutchman Verstappen also leads the World Championship standings heading into Sunday’s fourth race in Japan.
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