Luis Rubiales: “There will be people who will think that I have bitten…”

Luis Rubiales has spoken for the first time publicly after several weeks of rumors about his role at the head of the RFEF (2018-2023), specifically about the agreement that brought the Spanish Super Cup to Arabiaand he did so in an interview with Ana Pastor in ‘El Objective’ on LaSexta.

In the conversation they both had in a hotel in the Dominican Republic, where the former president has resided in recent weeks, Rubiales defended himself against accusations of possible ‘bites’: “They took things from my house and if I have to clarify something, I will do it, but the important thing is that There are people who think that I have bitten because it appears in the media of communication…”, at which point Pastor interrupted him to point out that it is the Civil Guard, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and the judge handling the case who see “signs of corruption”. The Spanish lawyer refuted this, defending himself and accusing to the journalist for not letting him speak: “If every time I intervene This interrupts me, it will be impossible“.

“If tomorrow a journalist goes to a country…”

Furthermore, he took the opportunity to emphasize that he also has the right to do business outside of Spain: “Does the former president of the RFEF have to live in a bubble outside of society? If tomorrow a journalist goes to a country and he meets a friend who has hotels and who tells him that he can invest there… It’s the most normal thing in the world,” admits the man from Granada.

Rubiales awaits the judge’s call

The former soccer player, for his part, arrived in Spain this morning from the Dominican Republic and was arrested as soon as he got off the plane, but he did not want to testify and was released shortly after. Rubiales Wait now for the judge to call me to declare as the main person investigated for alleged irregular contracts during his time at the head of the Federation (2018-2023).

Within the framework of the investigation, the judge of the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 4 of Majadahonda has agreed the seizure of a Mercedes on property of former President Rubiales and the blocking of three of his bank accounts. The seizure of more than 50 bank accounts in the case has also been agreed.

Piqué, in the ‘garlic’

This Wednesday it was also known that the UCO asked to trace Gerard Piqué’s accounts in Andorra to investigate alleged commissions from the agreement with the RFEF that brought the Spanish Super Cup to Arabia, in which His company Kosmos acted as an intermediary and he got paid for that work 24 million of euros. Apparently they have focused on several transfers, and on five Piqué accounts, in addition to another from Andorra CF, owner since 2018. In the latter, titled by Kosmos, it is stated verbatim that “the transfer fees have been collected success paid by SELA Sport Company in consideration for the intermediation services provided in the negotiations with the Royal Spanish Football Federation for the dispute of the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi territory”. The commissions would be 4 million euros.

Pedro Rocha calls elections in the RFEF

A very busy day at the information level that has been intensified with the calling for elections precisely in the RFEF through the former president of the Management Commission, Pedro Rocha. The elections They will be celebrated next May 6 and Rocha himself, after resigning, has presented himself as a candidate. Rafael del Amo will now be the one who will direct the Manager.

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