“I’m not saying this for my people, or for the children”: Alexis Sánchez explains his controversial phrase about the treatment he receives in Chile

Wonder Boy reflected on the web explaining what he means by saying that he is not an “idol” in our country.

El Niño Maravilla, Alexis Sánchez used his social networks to raise his voice after the uproar caused by a controversial phrase he offered at a press point after being presented at Olympique de Marseille.

The Chilean soccer player showed his joy at being part of the French club, however, he caused rashes in our country after a certain phrase.

“Yesterday’s reception was great. Everywhere I was well received. As the saying goes, you are never an idol in your country. I feel that I am very much loved in other countries,” he said, receiving criticism.

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After the controversy, Alexis Sánchez reacted to the issue by clarifying on his social networks what he was referring to by sharing a note from La Cuarta.

“I already said… for some journalists who speak, invent and criticize without knowing from Chile (Be careful, not all). Take care of the youngest,” he said.

“I’m not saying this for my people, or for the children of my country, who I love, and every time I go to Chile they give me love and strength,” clarified Tocopillano, causing others’ different reactions.

See the message below:

Source: Lacuarta


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