Monday, December 5, 2022
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Elon Musk indefinitely postpones the new payment verification system on Twitter

Twitter has postponed the platform’s payment verification service days after announcing that it would be ready on November 29. The owner of the company has detailed that ‘Twitter Blue’ will return when there is “a high level of confidence”.

“The relaunch of ‘Blue Verified’ is postponed until there is a high level of confidence to stop phishing“, the tycoon has written in his account, who has also advanced that it will probably be used a different color check for organizations than for individuals.

The billionaire’s decision comes after users who chose to pay $7.99 a month said they couldn’t access Twitter Blue features.

The second time it is suspended

10 days ago Musk had to paralyze the Twitter 2.0 version for the first time. The lack of requirements to be able to access the blue verification, after paying the corresponding $7.99 per month, caused many users to they will create fake accounts posing as celebrities.

It happened to Lebron James, who was asking to leave the Los Angeles Lakers or the pharmacist Eli Lilly, who announced on his account that insulin was becoming free. In both cases it was not the official account, despite having the blue verified.

What does ‘Twitter Blue’ offer?

The optional paid monthly subscription offers exclusive access to premium features that allow the user to personalize their experience on the platform. Among the utilities that it includes, it stands out the one to customize the icon of the ‘app’ itself and the theme of the account, activate the Reading Mode or create folders of elements saved from the profile, as well as access in advance to new functions in tests, like editing tweets.

Source: Antena3

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