Monday, December 5, 2022
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How companies can take care of the wave of scams and fake Twitter profiles

New system implemented by Twitter for cybercriminals took advantage of providing a blue check to any user for $8who began to carry out attacks in which they pretended to be companies or famous personalities.

Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly was one of the first victims. "Insulin is now free", announced a verified account with his name and immediately went viral. However, this was fake news published by a criminal who stole his identity. causing damage to its reputation and economic losses due to the fall of its shares.

This new identity verification methodology detracts from a system that previously gave users confidence that they were talking to the right person or organization. And often these are high-risk interactions.. For example, by sending a request to a bank or government agency, people can compromise confidential information.

How can a company protect itself on Twitter?

One option for protecting privacy, confidentiality, and managing online assets is Sovereign Identity (SSI). which gives users the power to decide what personal data is shared, with whom and for how long.

In this sense, VU, a global cybersecurity company, was one of the first global identity verification leaders selected by Microsoft for its Entra Verified ID strategy. which gives individuals and organizations more control over their sensitive information.

“We are used to talking about user rights and access control. This new technological implementation allows users to accept or reject attributes that can later be associated with our identity.", says Sebastian Stranieri, founder and CEO of VU.

Stranieri concludes: “Digital identity is about individuals. The fact that it is fragmented in the online world creates a new problem: users are being victimized by doing business because of our right to own our online persona.” Measures such as those by Twitter threaten the freedom of complete control and absolute ownership of our digital assets.".

Source: Cronista

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